②🐶 (2023.03.19)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.☺︎


I’m Endo Riko, a 17 year old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.





Did you guys like my first blog? I posted 3 of my selfies there. 🫣


You guys must be thinking,

“She is just like a baby”

Right? 😮‍💨


…That’s why!!

Today, I tried to take my pics with a “mature” theme!



How is it..?
I took the pics while consciously giving a cool expression. 😏


(If I still get called a baby even after showing this, I’ll be really shocked!)


“The cool type isn’t my cup of tea”
Please don’t say something like that okay, it’s a forbidden word. 🤫



Oh yeah, on Rika’s previous blog I was also given the name “Official baby” 🫠




Well then, let’s get to the main topic.


I was wondering what should I write for my second blog,
Since there’s a lot of things I want to talk about.



Alright! I’ve decided!




[Self introduction] ~Extended ver.~


First of all, since I left my self-introduction rather simple in my previous blog, this time I’ll do an extended version. ♪







I think it’s “Hates losing and has strong self endurance”



Those of you who watched “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” and “3rd Generation Documentary: We are Sakurazaka46’s 3rd Generation Members”, may have guessed this trait of mine.


I have a strong self endurance, that’s why I can withstand pains such as the electric shock.

I also hate losing, that’s why no matter how bad I am at dancing, I keep going without giving up halfway through.


My friends often told me “You’re like a dog”

They said it’s because I’m friendly and jump and move around a lot. 🐶




○Favorite artist






Since it’s the favorite artist of my whole family, back then they’d often bring me to their concerts.☺︎


By the way,
My favorite song is,
“Kachou Fuugetsu” “yume” etc.





It’s “watching anime and drama”


I think I’ve watched quite a lot of recent animes and dramas, that’s why I want to try to talk about it with everyone.☺︎



I can’t exactly put the whole story in the blog. 🫣

I’m sorry if the story doesn’t get across. 🙇‍♀️



That’s all today for the extended version of my self-introduction.
Is there anything else you guys want to know about me?



[About the 3rd generation]


Since I think I ended up talking too much about myself, next I will introduce the 11 members of 3rd gens.

Since introducing 11 people in one go would get pretty long, I will introduce them bit by bit.



Rika is a calm person.
How she looks at the ordinary things around her, how she thinks a lot, and how she’s full of emotions, I think that part of her is really amazing.
Also, she prioritizes the fans’ feelings over anything!
Rika’s fans must be really happy right~ ☺︎



I think Reina-chan is a positive and laid-back person. It feels like Reina-chan’s world is always late by one tempo.
But, the truth is she’s quite the competitive one! ☺︎



Piano, dancing, studying, and so on.
The reason she can handle any field with ease, I think it’s because Nagi-chan is a hard-working and diligent person☺︎
But actually, even this serious Nagi-chan actually has a sharp-tongue…?




The introductions for today will end here!
Please look forward to the next one~




[Meet & Greet]



I really love “Meet and Greet,” which was held yesterday and today.


Since it’s a valuable opportunity to interact with the fans,
Each time it’d held, I always do it while looking forward to what kind of topic I can talk about today.

Being able to talk with you guys is really fun, and I always can’t wait until the “Meet and Greet” day will come.☺︎


To the people that have never participated and are bad at talking, you guys are also really welcome here!
I will also talk to you a lot~♪

I’m looking forward for everyone to come. 🫣



The letters you guys have written for me have also arrived.☺︎
I’m really happy. I am gonna reread it a lot okay.



That’s it for today’s blog.
Thank you so much for reading until the end. 🤭



↑I’m leaving an off-shot of “Natsu no Chikamichi”☺︎


I’m looking forward to the next blog~

Look forward to tomorrow’s blog from Reina-chan too okay~♪

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