( ◠‿◠ )I wrote a lot〜✊🏻 (2021.03.01)

Good morning, good evening

I’m Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka 🐷🌸



It’s been a while since I updated my blog!!

I want to raise my update rate even more!!

٩( ‘ω’ )و🔥



I’ll go through them in order, starting with my last blog update!



First of all, thank you to those who watched the dance video I sent in my mobame and gave me their impressions🕺🎶


The choreography given by TAKAHIRO-sensei are all wonderful, and I wish that you could see down to the details… so I tried to record from a fixed point!


Since then, I can’t help but to dance, recently I started to cover other artists’ dance 🌼


I also thought of wanting to send the videos to you someday


It become a way for me to relax recently, so I’m enjoying it 🥳


I’d like to continue recording dance videos in the future!!





14th was Valentine Day 🍫


This year I received a lot from members, it has become a very happy Valentine Day 😍


Rena-chan even prepared one for Wanko…. !!!🐾


I was so happy I gave it to her as soon as I got home 😭love






I am very grateful





On 15th, I was able to safely turn into 23 years old! So fast!


I am grateful to all the people I have met in my 23 years of life

Truly, thank you very much

I was able to do SHOWROOM stream on the day too, and I was truly happy to receive so many congratulations 😢✨

As a 23 years old, I want to be a mature woman who is not afraid of change and can flexibly respond to anything (so cool)









On 18th, we broadcasted our first national mini live as Sakurazaka46 🎧

Did you watch it?

(I did〜!)

Thank you very much 🙇✨


For some reason, I missed the particular atmosphere national handshake’s mini live has…

The sounds of chattering in the venue before the mini live, the voices of fans when Overture is played, the reactions

I look forward to the day we can do it again. Sobs





On 20th, we had our 1st single online sign event ✍🏻🌸


Truly thank you very much to everyone who have applied!!!

The time to talk is long in sign event and it made me happy, it was fun

But I found a problem 🥺

When the conversation become exciting my hand froze. It come to a stop

So I’ll train hard so that I can do both next time ✊🏻









On 27th, “Sakamichi TV” was broadcasted in NHK 🟣⚪️🔵

Did you watch it〜?👀

It was the second one, but our first after our renaming into Sakurazaka46

I am truly grateful to be able to broadcast a program like this as Sakamichi group, and to be able to participate in it



And on the same day, the 1st single National Handshake Online Meet & Greet was held 💻🙌🏻

It was our first time having an online national handshake meguri!

Thank you to everyone who has came 😭

Those subscribed to mobame might have already known, but I appear in a sporty look ✔️










There are only 2 national handshake meguri remaining, so let us enjoy our time more and more 😆🌠





On 28th, Sakurazaka46 appeared in “Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 S/S”s Artist Stage 👠🤍

Thank you to those who have watched!!!

It’s been a while since we were able to perform in Artist Stage, so I was truly happy when we were told about it 😭

We were able to perform 3 songs, “Nobody’s fault”, “Naze Koi wo Shitekonakattan Darou?”, “Buddies”!

This uniform is so wonderful I like it, so I feel happy that I am able to wear this for a performance 💓

The picture I uploaded before is wearing this uniform too☺︎︎



Runway team are awesome as always!!!

Everyone was so cool (Pe-chan was cute)



On the same night at 8PM JST~, the first episode of NTT Plala’s “Daisuki! Sakurazaka46 ~ Geino-kai “Sakura” Mankai Keikaku & Live Eizou Kuradashi SP” 😌🌸

I am really grateful that such program could be broadcasted 🙇

You can learn more about the members through in-depth quizzes, and the live footage was really abundant!

1st gen and 2nd gen watched the live performance videos together, and I was able to hear about 2nd gen’s life and feelings at the time, and I personally was able to have a wonderful time

By all means, please watch the second episode as well 🎶






The set is simply cute. Thank you very much




And on the same night of 28th, the second episode of MTV’s Storytellers:Sakurazaka46 was broadcasted from 10PM JST~ 📺

All songs are performed in full, and then all members interview…
It’s a program that should be watched not only by fans, but also by people who are not familiar about Sakurazaka yet!!

I was nervous during the interview, but I remember that it was very easy for me speak 🌿





And on the same day again…

On “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” broadcasted at the night of 28th, Sakurazaka46’s 2nd single release has been announced 🌸🌸

Title song members, coupling song members, Centers, formations, everything has been announced!

It was apparently a ㊙️ [secret] , so I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to announce it🙇


In 2nd single once again I will be performing in Ten-chan centered team

My position and the scenery I see change drastically, so I’d like to enjoy the changes!

Truly thank you very much to those who always support me 🍠





It has become a long one, thank you very much to those who have read up until this point!!!




And lastly!




Concentration members and Pe 🐈💖


Rikopi will be graduating soon, so we took this as a memory 🎞


I will write another blog about Rikopi at the end [of her activities]!

Rikopi, thank you for making me laugh a lot again today~ Luv you







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