☺︎‬ (2020.12.31)


There is only today left
in this year.

The year 2020 was probably a year where you feel frustration and regret from not being able to do things as you wanted.

For me, it was particularly on the first half.
There are various events happening right at the start of the year.
It was the period where I full of frustration and regret to myself who cannot do anything due to the difficult situation of the world, while the fans are feeling anxious and worried

During that period I naturally started to look at internet news, that I don’t usually do, trying to get various information, and amidst of that I saw some news about the group in it, and I only see many words that I don’t want to read, and those words keeps popping out into my eyes

There are times when I could feel how the blade of words felt sharper than before, piercing deeply into my heart and making me feel painful

At that time, the letters I receive from you,
the words filled with many love with hashtag on the internet and such, was really a great support, saved me, and my source of encouragement

And it is exactly because of time like this, I feel that I want to do everything I can to deliver (something) to everyone, and since there are still many things that I lack, I try to study and work to make up for it as much as possible during this period

And when I realize, the sharp words I seen changed into a motivation for me, into positive feelings such as “I can’t lose here”, and created many goals from me from a small one to a big one

And what I feel the most during this period was,
How I truly love the group and the members
more than I ever thought.

And just how big you, the fans, existence is for me
Who always supported us at any times, no matter what form we are in

That’s why when the period of self-restraint was over,  I began to feel strongly that I have to work harder than ever before, that I want to support and protect what was important to me, and that I want to do all I could in this place.

And what have become a big turning point for us,
The renaming of the group

It takes an incredible amount of determination to take the big decision to change our name into “Sakurazaka46”, changing our mind and walk on a new path.

And then today. 31st December

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen that I thought
I could learn many things that lead to next year by watching at home

I was filled with surprise and nervousness
when hearing that us, who just barely debuted, is allowed to participate on the big end of year stage that is Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

In Kouhaku Uta Gassen, we will be performing
“Nobody’s fault”
that is Sakurazaka46’s 1st single.

For the present me,
the title that is “It’s nobody’s fault”
was a strong and memorable words.

There are surely pain and frustation
because it’s “nobody’s fault”
And I think it takes quite a lot of courage
to still have to continue to move forward in such situation

That is I hope that this song could be delivered to many people
through singing and performance,
And I hope that the figure of us taking new steps forward could give courage to someone who is watching us

I’m feeling nervous right now,
but I am grateful that all 26 members of Sakurazaka46 could appear in Kouhaku Uta Gassen, despite the situation we are in,
and we will do our best to deliver this song to many people.

And with the feeling of gratitude
for the fans who are always supporting us

Please do watch NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen‪‪☺︎

Truly, thank you very much for this year.

I hope that we can meet you directly in 2021🐮

Please take care of yourself
when spending the New Year’s holiday

We will be in your care next year too

Well then, happy new year


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