Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today


The pollen is sure amazing 🤧


I like Spring season the most,

but I always have trouble with pollen every year


Even so, the weather have grew

warmer little by little, hasn’t it?


I love the smell of spring,

that you can start to feel from the end of March


The other day,

there was a moment where I could smell spring a little


“My favorite season has come~”


So I thought, and I felt very calm


After all, Spring is wonderful

I wonder if the cherry blossoms have start to bloom slowly


You can only see cherry blossoms once a year,

But Sakura(zaka) fully bloom all year round, so you can see it at anytime 🌸


Just kidding



I found it the other day

Are these cherry blossoms?

I suddenly want to talk

about my current feelings


Recently, I have often feel

“frustated” toward myself

About various, many things


Every single day,

I get “frustrated”


But the more I feel frustrated,

the more I feel fired up


Right now, the reality and my abilities

are not up to par with what I’m looking for


But if I feel frustrated, then I want to be greedy


I can’t see my own limits right now,

so I’ll (work hard) until I see it,

or perhaps exceed it by a little


I want to greedily do my best


I’m sure that when the time come where I feel satisfied,

When I can accept myself,

When I feel at ease with myself, the group,

and the members,


I would think that I couldn’t do any better than now


I want to greatly cherish this feeling right now,

And not just doing what I can,

But to face myself even if I don’t want to,

to develop new things

and found new weapons


No matter what others say,

I will stick to my resolution


I wonder if Pomu also have dreams

A suddenly thought so at dusk




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