‪‪☺︎‬ (2023.10.24)

Good evening


“I feel like writing a blog. Let’s write,”
I thought, so I gave it a try.


It might be trivial but I would be happy if you could read it



Recently, I celebrated Pomu’s birthday ‪‪☺︎‬


Before I realised it, he’s already 5 y/o.
When he first came home, he was about 4 months old I think…
Time files.


I don’t know if he knew but on that day,
He constantly ran around the room energetically all day long.


It’s almost like he’s appealing


“It’s my birthday today!”


Currently I’m in a state where I can’t go outside
so I couldn’t take him out.


I did my best to celebrate it indoors with all I could for Pomu. ☺︎



I want to make this child even happier.
Spend a lot of time together and play together with 5 y/o [Pomu].


Once again, congratulations on turning five. ☺︎
Thank you always.



Today’s blog has become like a diary entry.
In truth, it was difficult trying to write this blog.


Once again, words are difficult.


It takes me hours to write…


It might sound like an excuse, but…
I really want to write with a diary-like feeling.


A lot. A lot.


About my day to day life.
About work-related things.
About what I’m feeling at that moment.


But the way it’s conveyed can differ depending on the person reading it,
That kind of thing inevitably makes me anxious, you know.


The thing that scares me the most is misunderstanding.


To alleviate the uneasiness even if just a little during this time,
I’ll occasionally post blogs okay.


I also need to grow.


Please read it with nothing but kind feelings.


Well then.



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