「Untitled」 (2021.04.24)

There was a goat
Is it scary or is it cute…
It’s a paper-thin difference isn’t it?





CDTV Live! Live!
Thank you for watching

Cherry blossoms, wind, and water
I was really happy to be able
to use these elements in our performance

The staffs were very particular about it
We were also very enthusiastic
about the stage

After the performance
My hair got really really wet 🥶
So happy…



And then, we were also given the chance
to perform in the Disney Medley
Hikaru’s hairstyle was very cute 🐭







It will be airing from 23:10 – 23:38

By all means, please watch it (^.^)




And, for today’s Miiguri
Thank you very much


See you tomorrow!




Fujiyoshi Karin

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