To everyone that listened to the radio show on March 18th, from 26 JST. (This means March 19 at 2AM)
Thank you very much.


Because I love being on the radio,
it was a lot of fun.
I’m going to listen to a lot of different radio shows 😶







In the May issue of ViVi that is being released on the 23rd of the month
Morita, Yamasaki, and myself,
were given the chance to be featured again.


We had a fun time during photoshoot.


By all means, I would be happy if you could get your hands on a copy.











The Summoners War,
Fujiyoshi Karin special web movie has been published.


You can also see some behind the scenes footage of Sakurazaka,
so please take a look at it.


On YouTube,
if you search for the Summoners War, Fujiyoshi Karin special
then you will find it.



Other members’ (versions) are also being published one after another, so please take a look at those too. (^.^)




Fujiyoshi Karin

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