Depending on where you listen music,
It changes the atmosphere, don’t you think so?
Where have I seen this before
I think I’ve said this before,
But listening on the train or listening at home
Sounds a bit different from one another, doesn’t it?
Isn’t strange~
What I like to do is listen to music while travelling by car
When does everyone listen to music and
What kind of music do you like?





I wore BAN goods–
By all means, lets wear matching clothes together 👩🏻





Thank you very much (^.^)
The live music was fun…
What did you think of it?

And then, Sakumimi
Together with Inoue and Tamura
We talked a lot
They made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts…
I think that we were able
How we are (usually) like in the dressing room
By all means, please listen to it!





Well then!

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