『Start over!』『NumaTA』 (2023.06.28)



Thank you for opening my blog ☺︎




I am Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka Prefecture 🐟🌻





Sakurazaka46’s 6th single “Start over!”
is finally being released
tomorrow!! ✨


I’m really excited for you all to hear it🌸


Please tell me all about what you think~!




Also yesterday,

the MV for “Drone Senkaichuu”

was released!!✨



Hono-chan is the center for this song🐻🤍


It feels like a song with a summer vibe like this
is definitely going to be exciting to perform live!


I’m looking forward to performing it
in front of all you Buddies in the future☀️



There are many mysteries to the MV,

The feeling of nervousness and foreboding in your chest the night before a typhoon

I think it’s the kind of MV that will make you care about the characters without realizing! ✨

Please be sure to watch it lots of times☺︎







The embroidery and the collar are lovely
It’s my favorite samurai-ish looking outfit🤍




TAKAHIRO-sensei made each of us a scene related to an emotion
and designed individual choreography for our scenes!


Mine was




I was violently swinging around by myself
in a scene where I was possessed by something lol


Dancer-san told me

“TAKAHIRO-sensei really liked the video of Onuma-chan falling into the ocean, and made this scene with the image that you did that because you were possessed~”




I fell into the ocean because I was possessed!?🤣



It was so funny!







It was filmed at a bowling alley~✨






I was happy that I could become sisters with Rina-san
in the “Bowling Sisters” scene👭



Our power was synchronicity!


Synchronized dancing and levitating the bowling balls was so much fun ✨



Lately I’ve been calling Rena “Great Detective Rena” 🕵️‍♀️




Stylish Habu-chan😎





All of us going into the ocean together is also a great memory🐟









Please be sure to watch it a lot~🌸










A new project has been announced
on Sakura Meets✨



I can’t believe it!!


I’ll be collaborating with 50TA (Kano Eiko)!!


✨I’ll be working together with Kano Eiko-san and the Sakura Meets members as





I found out about it as a surprise,
and was incredibly happy, so happy I could die..



I’ve been listening to 50TA’s music for a long time
it’s given me strength
and in times when I feel depressed
50TA’s gentle lyrics
have given me the courage to keep going and the power to work hard.



And for that reason
Being able to work together with him is like a dream,
I was surprised
that something like this could ever come true!!


Since I will have this opportunity
I want to give 300% of my power
to work on the songwriting with 50TA
so that we can make a song
that strums on the hearts of everyone who listens to it!!





It’s been 3 years
since I started making Numa Songs,
and at first I would only send them through mobame, hoping that it would please the fans who always support me.
I was afraid that if I instead sent it outside of that, I might have my feelings hurt if people talked badly about it.



But because everyone supporting me
liked my Numa Songs,
they encouraged me to share it in places where more people could see it,


and our manager also thought carefully about my Numa Songs.

Thanks to all of this,
I had the courage to overcome that fear of being hurt, decided to start showing more people my songs, and from continuing to make songs, I grew with each and every one I made!



And now thanks to the staff of Sakura Meets finding me
I was able to have a dream of mine fulfilled.


I am truly so indebted to all the staff on Sakura Meets, and I’m incredibly lucky that I get to work together with such kind and special people. 



With my respect for 50TA
and my gratitude towards the fans and my manager who has been supporting me,
In order to repay my debt to the staff on Sakura Meets

and so I can meet the yet to be seen Numa TA children

I want to have fun and work hard!!




I hope you’re looking forward to it☺︎




Check it out here if you haven’t yet👀






Also next week, Lotti-san!!!🌱




Since becoming a regular on Nobiraji,

we’ve gotten closer than we used to be🤝



They’re always helping me on Nobiraji with their kind, easy-to-talk-to atmosphere, but it was different on Sakura Meets
I got to feel the greatness
of the masters of sketch comedy Lotti-san and was able to learn a lot!!



A little while ago I was also able to attend Lotti-san’s solo live event, “JILOJILOTTING”
the entire thing was really funny and so spectacular!


The fact that Lotti-san would come on Sakura meets.. I was so nervous..


But Kokado-san and Nakaoka-san are both so kind
and taught me a lot
I was so happy!!


And next time there will be a special guest too!?✨


It hasn’t been announced what members will be collaborating with Lotti-san yet, so please look forward to it~🌸









Thank you for reading until the end!











I’m the type of bowler who hits the bowling pins with the ball directly






















I hope Sakurazaka46’s 6th single “Start over!”
will reach many people











You’ve been caught in an 84cm swamp




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