【 Mamoribito 】(2023.10.07)



Good evening~
It’s 18 years old Kojima Nagisa from Nagano ☾⋆𓈒𓏸︎︎︎︎



How are you all doing? ☺︎



I feel very nervous about my first individual blog post, but I’d be happy if you could read it until the very end.







Last night, the MV for 7th single’s common coupling song
has been released on YouTube,
and I have been selected to be the center for
3rd generation’s song, “Mamoribito”.



I am filled with much gratitude for how so many Buddies have listened to it, even though it’s only just been released.
Truly, thank you very much.




Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about how I’ve been feeling leading up to this song’s release𓂃𓈒





When I first heard that I would be standing in the center position, my heart was pounding and I was filled with anxiety, wondering if it’s really okay for it to be me.

Even so, I had always hoped that I could give something back to the other ten 3rd generation members and Buddies in this position that I was chosen for, and I’ve hoped that this song would be an important song that would connect everyone’s hearts, and I think these feelings was growing stronger by the day.




The song starts with a grand intro that makes you feel the earth and gives you the strength to move forward with bright hope in the end, despite your anxiety and conflicts.

When I first listened to it, I was slightly surprised by the unexpected melody and lyrics.
I listened to it over and over again and now it has become an inseparable part of my daily life 🕊




During production, I was thinking about how I could express this song, which was written for the 3rd generation members.
It hasn’t even been a year since I joined, but I hope that I have left something in the hearts of everyone who has seen it.





During the limited time that I had before the filming,
INFINITY’s teachers and TAKAHIRO-sensei carefully taught me over and over again the meaning and key points of the choreography. They gave me enthusiastic guidance many times during the filming and faced this work together with me.

I had several opportunities to speak with Director Shinguu. Whenever I showed a worried expression, even for a moment, he would immediately call out to me and encourage me, and he gave me advice on how I should present and portray myself for the video, and I was able to learn a lot from him. It was very valuable experience.

I am filled with gratitude towards everyone who was involved with the long time of the filming.



On the day of the filming, a 3rd gen member was always by my side, comforting and supporting me.

I was able to film the MV until the very end because of all the 3rd gen members who were there with me. Even though I should be the one in their position, I was the one getting help all the time.
Thank you as always 🫶🏻

Each member has a different kind of kindness, and I was saved by everyone’s individuality and warmth. This is just one of my favorite parts from it, but I think that you can clearly see the conflicts and anxieties of each of the 3rd gen members as well as their warm expressions in this MV. 💭




“Natsu no Chikamichi”
“Seijaku no Boryoku”
“Anthem time”

As a 3rd gen member, I was able to encounter another wonderful piece of music. I think this is thanks to your support. It is because you are all there for us. Thank you for your continuous support!!

I’d be happy if you could continue to watch over me as I grow with this song.
And, please continue to give your support to me from now on ☺︎





Thank you very much for reading this far! In my next blog, I would like to share photos and other things I didn’t get to write about, so please wait a little bit 🙇🏻‍♀️



Once again, please give us your support for “Mamoribito”!!



See ya~





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