2023 (2023.12.3)



There were countless of new experiences

and experiences that I will never forget


Being able to meet the people I admire

and the time when my dreams come true

are something past me couldn’t even imagine


The many jobs I’m honored to receive

also seemed like reward for my hard work


The moments that are so incredibly fun

and sparkling


and the moments

when I think too much

that it takes a tremendous amount of strength just to take a step forward


and the inspiring days where

even though I’d like to face each thing carefully

I was too overwhelmed

which makes me regret it

but found it to be a happy problem to have


I think that it is all necessary

in order for me to grow


Thank you, 2023.




I hope that in 2024

I could make so many memories

with a new me

so much so it’s as if I’m reborn anew!









Truly, thank you very much

for cheering for us every day!


Please give yourself a pat on the back

for all the hard work that you did this year, okay?


Happy new year!

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