Thanks for opening my blog. This is Sakurazaka46’s Seki Yumiko 🐱




Thanks to everyone who watched the (Mini) Live yesterday ☺︎


How was it?
Please tell me your impressions about it.


#Yumiko Camera





This time, I took a lot of photos of Riko.
I’ll share some of them to you ☺︎




This haircut feels like our early days, so I asked her to give me that “Early days look pose”.


This feels like the omotenashikai introduction-.



I told Riko that I will post her photo. She said “I like #Yumiko Camera!” ☺︎



This one was taken by Riko ☺︎



Our respective beams.



Hey, hey.
I have been always saying this,
but they may have already know
But I love you guys. Thank you as always, truly.




Well, that’s it for today!


Thank you for reading until the end!


Seki Yumiko🐱



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