Thank you very much for opening my blog. I’m Sakurazaka46’s Seki Yumiko 🐱




On the other day, there was “COUNT DOWN JAPAN 21/22” on the 28th.


It’s been a while since we appeared in CDJ, and it was our first as Sakurazaka46, which made me happy ☺︎





The costume was really cool, and I was a part of the shortest pants cut.
It was unusual to show legs, it felt fresh.




Yumi-chan, Aotan, Chukemon, Inori.
I tried to write our names in a cute way.

Recently, I’m into jokingly calling Aoi-chan “Aotan”.










2021, truly thank you very much again for this year ☺︎

We were able to do a lot of shows, to meet a lot of new people in meguri, becoming even closer to the people who regularly come, so I think that it has been an intense year.


We look forward to your continued support next year as well.


First, is the backs live that will happen right after the new year.
We will do our best, so please do give it a watch.

It seems that it will be streamed too, so by all means, please give it a look.




I will post pictures from the Anniversary Live rehearsal that I didn’t post.




Back in Keyaki, I used to take pictures regularly wearing bibs with Inoue to commemorate the rehearsals, and now we took it again after a long while.



When I write Pomu on Miichan’s bottle
She said, “That’s a cat”.

She’s right…!

I said, “As an apology, I will draw hearts”, and I drew a lot☺︎





Well then, that’s it for this year!


Please treat me kindly next year as well☺︎


Thank you very much for reading until the end!


Seki Yumiko🐱



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