🌸Osaka🌸 (2022.10.02)


Thank you very much for opening this blog



I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira



(So happy to have a penlight with our names on it)





2nd TOUR 2022“As you know?”

has finally started! 👏







First, we finished the two day performance in Osaka 🐙

It was fun how everyone smiled when our eyes met 😳





I also immediately received letters filled with your impressions, so I have given it a read ✉️

It made me so happy to see that everyone is enjoying it very much. It’s encouraging!





I also received comments from people saying, “It was my first concert, I’m glad I went to watch it!”, which gave me confidence that perhaps we were able to deliver more than what was expected!

Thank you as always!






The tour is still going on, so if you like, please come and see us again 🤝




I am also looking forward to people who are coming to see us for the first time 🐾










I’ll upload some pictures~





I always like her outside curl, but this wave?

I think it was really nice~ So cute







Koike-san after the concert is cute 👶

Though she’s also cute before the concert

We named two little flying insects together

(I don’t remember the names)








We kept holding hands every day on the way to our lodging 🤝

The quality of my sleep has been improved~

Thank you very much 😚























I took a picture that is just too cute

I thought about keeping it to myself

but I can’t keep this cuteness to myself🥲








We also took a 2-shot together~


This explains why my photo folder usage averages 2 hours a day 😶‍🌫️








They are so cute, I asked them to take a picture together

Their eyes are glittering so much









Sokosaku DEATH Game’s M pose

Together with Takemoto-san, the number one victim of the Stinky Udon 🙇‍♂️






There are still other pictures, I’ll send them to mobame, okay?









From Endo-san,

I received words of encouragement before the show and advice such as how she watched the rehearsal footage and says “This part is good!” or “If you do this here, it might be easier for you to dance it!” 🥺

I feel like I’m doing the concert with her! Thank you 🌸









Thank you very much for reading until the end


Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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