🏃* (2023.11.13)



It’s Kobayashi Yui







Before I knew it, it was already November,






7th single is released,

and we performed “Shoninyokkyu” in many different music shows,

did you see it?



This time, we had plenty of opportunities to perform it in full size,

and I think we managed to convey the charm of the song more deeply ☺




Each show came up with a special production of its own, and is particular about lighting and camerawork,

and I felt a lot of love from the staff members 😌


I hope that you enjoyed the different productions for each show!



And the day after tomorrow, on 15th November

we will also be appearing on “TV Tokyo’s 60th year! Music Festival 2023”,

by all means, please give it a look 🐒








I guess some of you might know about it already?



On this occasion, I have been given the chance to appear in AEON Card-san’s

that is both starred and directed by Takayuki Yamada-san, the actor!



As for the member of Sakurazaka46, the three of us Morita, Tamura, and Kobayashi

participated in each different version



I appeared on “AEON Pay Charge Payment” ver!


It’s already showing on TV,

and I myself have seen this CM quite often!



It has become a very comedic and surreal CM

so please do give it a look ☺



I’d love to try using Takayuki Yamada’s Paa~y service too one day 🤭








There are only two weeks left until

Sakurazaka46 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE that is held in ZOZO Marine Stadium!



We are all working hard in rehearsal every day




I hope that it will be a concert where we can express our gratitude to all the Buddies through the many songs that we will be performing!




And concert streaming has been decided for both days, the 25th and 26th!


For those of you who unfortunately cannot make it to the venue,

I hope you will join us in celebrating our 3rd anniversary through streaming 😌




Please wait for it~










It has been decided that Sakurazaka46 will be appearing in the 74th Kouhaku Uta Gassen


It is thanks to all the Buddies who are always supporting us

and the many staff members who are supporting us from different places


Thank you very much



We were not able to show our performance on New Year’s Eve last year,

so this year, I hope that we can deliver our feelings of gratitude

to all of you for both last year’s & 2023’s through our performance 😌



Please continue to give us your support until the end of the year again











Let’s talk a lot again in meguri this weekend~



The weather is getting colder

so please keep yourself warm 🐒




see you again ⊿⊿

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