1 year anniversary (2021.12.18)




Hello everyone,

I’m Morita Hikaru of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation🌱







Sakurazaka46 celebrated its 1st anniversary on December 9th! 🌸



On December 9th & 10th, we were given the opportunity to hold our 「1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE」at the Nippon Budokan!


Thank you very much to those of you who came to the concert in person, as well as those who watched the live stream!






Happy 1 year anniversary to you Buddies as well!
I always have nothing but gratitude to all of you for always supporting us.

Let’s continue walking this path together for our 2nd year together 🙂




I’m also very thankful to all the staff members who always support and back us up!

I’m looking forward to continuing working with you all…!







This year wasn’t short or long, but it was quite a fulfilling year~

I fondly remember how fun each day was having to face new challenges with everyone.

I’d like for our 2nd year to be another year where we have a lot of new challenges to attempt 🙂

I myself won’t forget my initial resolve and continue to do my best while keeping an open-mind!




Moriya-san! Rika-san! 💐


Your graduation ceremony was absolutely lovely.
You both also looked lovely in your dresses…

Truly, thank you very much for your hard work over these past 6 years and a half!

I hope the both of you continue moving on forward while smiling brightly the entire way ^ ^





Yui-san! Welcome back!

I’m really glad to be able to work alongside you once again.

There’s a ton of things I want to do together with you ^ ^




Rika-san! Sugai-san! Uemura-san!






























So many off shots~

I’ll post the ones that my manager took for me some other time ^ ^






I’m really grateful for all the congratulations we received!


I hope you will continue to support Sakurazaka46 for our 2nd year! 🌸






Oh, also…


I saw all of the congratulatory flowers!
I was really happy to see so many lovely flowers 💐

Thank you very much for bringing your handmade handheld fans, towels, etc. to the concert!

I saw them!







Well then, that’s all for today.

Thank you very much for reading until the very end!




The end🌱





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