1st Anniversary (2021.12.23)

Good evening~






On 9th December, Sakurazaka46 celebrated its first anniversary!


Thank you very much for the 2 days of 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE!




I am really happy to be able to celebrate our 1st anniversary with Buddies!







Your warm support and congratulatory messages have become a motivation for us.





I am very happy that over the past year we are able to meet a lot of Buddies, produce singles, and deliver our performances to you.




But, I will work hard so that in our second year we could grow even more and come to see all of you!







And then, there was also a happy surprise from the Buddies from overseas ✨


They ran a cool video showing all the members and congratulation message in New York’s Times Square…! 😭



I was told about it by the staff, and I have watched all the videos!



I was so surprised, I froze up momentarily lol



Truly thank you very much!!



I wrote this while looking it up in my own way, so there may be some mistakes, but I hope that it could convey my gratitude even for a little.



Hi, Buddies in all over the world!

I was so surprised to see the video of Times Square the other day

There were all the introductions for each of us!

It made me so happy and I have received such a big love

Thank you very very much for the sweetest present:)

I really want to see you and give a good performance soon!

We will definitely see you so please wait for a little longer..






To the Buddies all over the world, truly, thank you very much!




I look forward to your continued support in our second year as well!!







In the currently on sale February edition of “ViVi”, I gave nail art a challenge in “Shintenchi”* corner 💅

*T/N: “New field of activity”




Glittering~ 🤍





It was very fun to experience nail art that I don’t usually get to do ♪




The other nail art was also very cute,

so by all means please check the magazine too!









Christmas is just around the corner, right? 🎄




On 25th December


From 7~8PM JST


I will be doing a SHOWROOM stream with Hikaru, so please do come to watch if you like 🌟


Well then~








Don’t miss the Music Station performance tomorrow!!



See ya~



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