2 Hours Remaining on the Hard Drive (2021.03.14)


While I was rearranging my shoes,

I had the idea to give the ones that I don’t wear anymore to Aoi~

It felt really refreshing, but then 10 minutes later I immediately went and bought a new pair online

I’ve really got some issues with my brain 🤦



I’m Kobayashi Yui

Good evening



Today was the final day of the online meet and greets for Sakurazaka46’s 1st single “Nobody’s fault”!

Thank you very much to those of you who came 😊


Back when we just began doing these online meet and greets,

I was worried since I didn’t expect that having conversations online would be really difficult!

But you guys came up with ingenious ideas like handwriting on boards or other things, and I ended up having a really great time!


Thank you 😌


It’s still a bit hard to hold handshake events at the moment,

So the 2nd single will also be an online meet and greet event,

But I’m grateful that at least in this day and age we can still be connected with each other in some way, even if we cant meet in person,

So I’m looking forward to having a fun time with you all again!


I’m really happy that during the 1st single,

We were able to appear on a lot of music shows,

Individual members were able to appear by themselves on magazines and variety shows,

And just being able to do all sorts of activities!


Thank you very much for giving me loving support from various places ever since meet and greets began ☺️


Also, with the end of today’s activities,

Matsudaira Riko has graduated from the group


The beautiful girl known as Rikopi who joined us and said that she could talk to dolls has great communication skills,

She was also the first 2nd gen member who became close with us 1st gen members~


Her personality is really unusual amongst us and she’s played an active role on the show 😌


It’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to work along side her for the past 2 years


I hope that she finds happiness in her future ambitions

Thank you for loving the group 😌




Finally, our activities for the 2nd single have begun


Did you all get the chance to listen to the reveal of “BAN” last week?

It’s a high tempo song with a real sense of momentum


I’d be happy if you would also look forward for release of the music video

Additionally, today at 23:30 on the radio broadcast “Kochira Yuurakuchou Hoshizora Housoukyoku”


the coupling song “Guuzen no Kotae” will be revealed for the first time!


Please do tune in 📻





◇ Today from 23:00, the 2nd episode of HikariTV’s original drama series “Borderless” will be released~


Have you watched the first episode from last week?


From here on out, one by one with each episode, I think that you’ll be able to fully understand the personalities of each of the characters that appear


The filming of the drama is almost over though~

It makes me kinda sad~


I’ll do my best to face and understand Kotone up until the very end and play her out to the best of my ability

Please do check out the 2nd episode ☕️


◇ I’ll be appearing live on NHKFM’s radio show “Hanya Kinda to Sakurazaka46 to Hinatazaka46 no Yuugata Paradise” tomorrow March 15th, starting from 16:00


This radio show has been around since 2017, and tomorrow will be its final broadcast


I’ll do my best to try to express my feelings of gratitude to those long-time listeners

whilst also having fun conversations 😌



Please do tune in!



Good night

see you again ⊿⊿

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