2023 Tour – Aichi (2023.04.27)


Good evening!



Thank you to everyone 
who came to the Tokyo concert
of Sakurazaka46’s [3rd TOUR 2023]!

It was the same venue as last year,
so I feel nostalgic about 
how we used to do the group circle together here,
or how I used to watch you pass by there from that seat…



Here are some photos I took in Aichi〜



Mukai Itoha-chan🫶🏻
She always praises me saying,
“Your curls are cute” (laughs)
I also liked Itoha-chan’s curls when we first met!
She’s so cute and innocent when we talk.



Nakashima Yuzuki-chan🫶🏻
She’s funny and every time I talk to her
I laugh a lot.



When I saw it… her profile is also beautiful.



Matono Mio-chan🫶🏻 Murayama Miu-chan🫶🏻
I like Mio-chan’s introduction.
Miu-chan has my solo picture on her phone (laughs)



Hono-chan🫶🏻 Rena-chan🫶🏻
These two are cute every time I see them.
That day Hono-chan changed the color of her hair〜



When the hayashi rice
in the catering was gone
She said, “kanashi (sad) rice”
The store staff and I laughed (laughs)
She was also funny during the MC



The members praised me a lot,
so I got into braiding my hair🎀



Next is the Fukuoka concert!

On the second day,
Yumi-chan will have her graduation ceremony.

Let’s witness together her final moments as an idol.

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