#31 SCHOOL OF LOCK! Board of Education (2021.10.16)

Thank you very much for opening this blog!

I’m 22 years old Endo Hikari, from Kanagawa!


Yesterday, I appeared on “SCHOOL OF LOCK! Board of Education” together with Minami-san and Karin-chan!

I was happy to be able to appear in a radio show that I myself listened as a student during my school days~☺️

I had fun all day yesterday, and was able to enjoy it from the start to finish without feeling nervous!

In my previous blog, I wrote “I have always listened to SCHOOL OF LOCK!”, but I was truly happy to know yesterday that board member Toyama himself has read it~ ✨

Since a long time ago, I would shrivel when speaking in front of others, and the conversation would always end with me being unable to say what I wanted to say.

You might think, “Then why are you in a line of job that required a lot of speaking!”, but I always disliked that self and wanted to change myself.

Even after I started working as an idol, there were times when I was afraid to say what I want to say and felt frustrated at times. But at this SOL Board of Education I was able to talk like my usual self, and 1 hour passed by so quickly ✨

It was so filled with laughter and fun that I wondered if this is the first time I feel an hour passed by so quickly! Radio sure is fun~ I wanted to talk even more~ 😂

With how I am able to return to the radio I listened as a student as an idol, to be able to meet and talk with board member Toyama, I think that I can now tell my student self “Everything will turn out fine! It’s going to be okay!”!

I will do my best to be invited to SOL again!!

Board member Toyama, all the staff, thank you very much!


Announcement at the end 📮✨

I will be appearing on “Sakura Hinata Lotti Nobishiro Radio” together with Akipo on 18th October (Mon)!

The theme is “Tanka”!

I haven’t really done tanka before, so I feel nervous, but I will do my best to grow!!

By all means, please listen to it ♪


Thank you very much for reading my blog today ☺︎

I’d be glad if you can read my next blog too!

Well then!


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