5th Anniversary of Keyakizaka’s debut (2021.04.07)

Good morning!


6th April is the 5th anniversary of Keyakizaka46’s debut 🌳

Thank you to those of you
who celebrated πŸƒ

It’s been a long but short 5 years

With the support of many people, we were able to run through until our last moments!

My days in Keyakizaka,
is an irreplaceable treasure


When I look through my folder
for old pictures to put up on blog,
there are so many nostalgic and funny pictures or videos…
When I realize, 2 hours has passed!



This time, I’ll be uploading pictures that I’ve been wanting to show you!

This is the off-shot from the MV filming of “10 gatsu no pool ni tobikonda”
that also appeared in the documentary movie



Each person have a different role




Mine was a troubled, rookie teacher



[written on the name tag: Year 1 Class 3’s Assistant Homeroom Teacher. Igawa Sae]


We celebrated Yuipon’s birthday πŸŽ‚



How nostalgic!

It’s been half a year since we started our activities as Sakurazaka

I begin to feel attached to the name “Sakurazaka46”,
the group’s atmosphere is also relaxed,
and I’m having a fun day to day with everyone

I think that it is thanks to everyone who warmly support us



On the other hand, there are many moments where I feel that it is truly a rocky path
Starting over is not so easy,
It won’t work the same way as before

There are times when I feel frustrated at various aspects of our activities!

First of all, I have to do my best so that many people will come to know the name of Sakurazaka46!

I want us to be a group that could convey the strength of living in the present,
while comforting many people

To make people learn about Keyaki’s songs through Sakurazaka46
I hope that such day could come




One of my dreams now,
is to stand on Tokyo Dome once again with everyone

I want to deliver our songs to even more people around the world

I want to pile up special memories as Sakurazaka one by one,
together with you!

I will continue to do my best,
so I look forward to your continued support of Sakurazaka46 🌸




Announcements on appearing in TV shows πŸ™‚



βœ”οΈ We will be appearing on “Music Station 3 hours special” on 9th April (Friday) this week πŸ“Ίβ™©

It will be the first performance of our 2nd single “BAN”!!

We practiced a lot everyday in preparation of music show performance

I’m nervous about the live broadcast,
but I want to make a memorable performance for as many people as possible!

It starts from 18:45~ JST
Please look forward to it✨



βœ”οΈ We will be appearing on “HEY!HEY!NEO! MUSIC CHAMP” on 10th April (Saturday) from 21:00~ JST 🎀

It was the first time we converse with both of Downtown-san’s together, so I was very, very happy!!

I love “WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~”, I often listen to it

By all means, please watch it from the opening! ✨



βœ”οΈ On the same 10th April (Saturday) from 23:10~ JST we will be appearing in “Shibuya Note” πŸ“Ί

I’m truly happy that we could appear again!

It’ll be a live broadcast,
so please stay up late on this day to watch it ✨



I’m happy to be able to appear in many music shows like this 😊

Cherishing each and every performance,
to continue to evolve
I will do my best with my whole mind and body!!

I’d be happy if you could liven’ it up together with us πŸ‘





Well then, see you again!









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