A lot of announcements. (2020.11.23)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱

It’s been announced that Sakurazaka46 will have their first ever appearance at the “71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.” 

Us members only found out on the morning of the 16th, and went to attend the press conference.

I never imagined that we would have been given the opportunity to appear on show, it was a real surprise to me.

For us members who will be starting a new, all of this is due to the support of those of you who have even a bit of expectation towards Sakurazaka46 and those of you who have been supporting us from the start.

A great amount of gratitude towards the many others who support us as well.

Thank you very much.

It makes me extremely happy to perform as a member of Sakurazaka46 up until the very last day of 2020.

It would be great if I could convey my feelings of gratitude towards you, the fans.

Also, it would be a pleasure to have “Sakurazaka46” known by more people.

I’m looking forward to it, your support would be appreciated!

I’m going to be changing the topic of coversation,

The other day, the music video for “Naze Koi wo shite konakattandarou?” was released!

Have you got around to watching it??


Sakura petals kept dancing the entire time during the filming of the music video.

Even when watching it on a screen, it’s absolutely beautiful ( ´`)

Also, while dancing on the spiral staircase, we were still using the white threads to dance.

It’s quite hard to use threads and dance as the same time,

I can’t even count the amount of times we all practiced…

A picture of me having my picture taken.

The outfit was also really cute, I quite liked it.

The cuffs were pleated,

So the way it opened up was really beautiful, I like it.

It was perfectly paired with the feminine choreography.

Please do check it out!

I have a lot of announcements today (°°)

🌱 December 27th, Sunday

It has been decided that Sakurazaka46 will be been given the opportunity to appear on COUNTDOWN JAPAN 20/21.

Last year, we were given the opportunity to appear as Keyakizaka46, so having the chance to appear this year as well as Sakurazaka46 makes me really happy.

Thank you very much.

Furthermore, this will be Sakurazaka46’s first time ever performing live, so I’m a bit nervous, but being able to see everyone for the first time in a long time makes me look forward to it.

🌱 Sakurazaka46 Collaboration Café “Sakurazaka46 Café”

Starting from December, it’s been decided that two spots in Tokyo and one spot in Osaka will open!


The menu and goods have been released on the website.

I’m particularly interested in the “White Omelet Rice and Small Sakura Foods Selection” and the “Sakura Gate Chocolate Fondue.”~

Also, this time, us member’s have been given the opportunity to have our drawings used on the menu and goods! 

I drew a dango with the colours of a bird, penguin and turtle~

There’s also an acrylic keychain, so please do get it-!

🌱”Bessatsu Kadokawa”

Released Wednesday, November the 18th,

“Bessatsu Kadokawa Special Issue Keyakizaka46/Sakurazaka46 1013/1209” has been published.

Fujiyoshi, Yamasaki, and I were given the role as the inner cover image.

Thank you very much!

The cover image is Sugai-san, Yui-san, and Risa-san.

Along with the cover image, the monochrome pages were really cool too.

Also, a staggering 200 thousand words covering us member’s interviews were published.

From things related to the Last Live, to Keyakizaka46, to Sakurazaka46, etc, we were given the chance to talk about a lot of things.

Other things include photos from the Last Live, title song music video shooting, etc, there’s a large variety of content.

To be allowed to be part of such a fantastic special issue,

I’m extremely joyful.

Please do check it out~


I was given the opportunity to be published by UTB in their latest issue, released on Saturday, November 21st.

Yui-san, Risa-san, and I were given the role as the cover image and the opening page of the magazine!

And would you believe it, the inner cover image too…

I’m really happy about it.

Thank you very much!

We used sakura petals during shooting, wore white outfits in front of pink wallpaper, and were able to convey Sakurazaka-ish pages.

Shooting was also really fun~
Also, inside the magazine, Fuyuka-san and Takemoto were published.
There’s also a poster included as a bonus~
Please do check it out!
That’s all ( ´`)
I’m really happy that there’s a lot of announcements.
I’m grateful, every day I’m grateful.
There’s still things I want to write about, 
So I’ll be updating again soon.
Well then. 
Thank you very much for reading until the very end!
The end 🌱

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