As though to say “Did the time stood still?” (2021.01.23)



It’s Matsudaira Riko

2nd generation member from Tokyo🐰





I couldn’t really write a blog,
And it might be late, but…
it’s as though to say “Did the time stood still?”



Allow me to upload pictures from
Sakurazaka46 Debut Countdown Live!🌸🤍


I went out a journey Pe-san to find crystals🪐



I’m glad we found it~ lol





It makes me happy to hear her say
“The first junior I went out with was Rikopi~”☺️
A big bookstore, a parfait (store), a fortune-teller
We went to various places together🥛

We spend a lot of times together(^.^)

During the audition, I said that the senior I admire during the audition was Watanabe Rika-san. I never imagined that we could become so close like this, it makes me happy🪐





With Akiho and Rena!


I searched for an instagram-able spot on the stage with Ope

But is this count as one…?
I have absolutely no idea

It’s not easy to write about the 2nd generation
So I decided to properly write it in my blog again🪐



Today’s music
Nogizaka46’s “Kimi wa Boku to Awanai Hou ga Yokatta na no ka na”

I love the lyric, it’s sad




Thank you as always〜🍞


Then, see you again.


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