BACKS LIVE I want to be stronger (2021.07.03)

Thank you for opening [this blog]!

I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho

From Shizuoka

As I’ve been intently writing and erasing over and over again,

it has taken me so long

I entered the group on 16th February 2020

More than one year has passed since then

I finally got to see my fans for the first time!!

It makes me so happy and delighted

Thanks to you, I’ve learned how fun live shows truly are, and I love them even more!

To everyone who went to the venue!

To everyone who went to watch online!

Truly thank you very much for the three days πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ




When this show was decided,

I decided to put everything I had into it

I want to use this show as a chance to be stronger

I thought that I have to be strong

And I’ve always had a conflict within myself

I like to make people laugh, so if I can make people smile with how quirky I am, then I want to give it my all,

But on the other hand, I felt that people would think that I was just a strange girl, while that there is actually more to me than that

That’s why I wanted to use this show

as a chance to show a new side [of myself]

I was really worried, then gathered the courage to nominate for BAN, and I was able to center it,

Every day for the past month, I’ve been fighting with myself in front of the mirror,

I was so frustrated and hated myself when I saw how clumsy and far from ideal my dancing was

But I want to be stronger, and so I keep practicing earnestly without giving up on myself, and because I feel so anxious I feel like I’m about to be crushed, I continue to keep dancing,

When I helplessly feel anxious about the actual performance,

I thought of my fans, who have always been my number one supporter, who look forward to my growth. I thought, “If it’s for them then I can do anything!” and gained courage


“Isn’t it too late to become another person?”

This lyric have blown me away many times

In this song, I am BANned by myself or others

I felt that I become a stronger self

with emotions so strong it’s uncontrollable

Especially when the actual BAN performance start

I was there with an absolutely win or die [feeling]

I felt that I has become stronger

I hope that this BAN that I has put everything into

reached your hearts

I am still lacking and unable to do my ideal performance, but I’d like to continue to do my best that I can become someone you can’t even imagine! And I want to become even stronger!!

To become a necessary presence for Sakurazaka46!!

I’d be happy if you could continue to support me☺︎☺︎


Fuyuka-san and Akane-san who always lead us, and made it easy for us to talk during the MC.

Their letters truly made me happy!


When I was struggling to remember Microscope’s choreography, Rina-san said, “You can rely on me~” and taught me the choreography, I was so happy it made me feel like crying

She always check on me after BAN

She would be happy when my left and right socks are matched

I was always helped by Rina-san’s nonchalant kindness


The six who entered together. In the past month I’ve been supported with them so much there’s no end to the stories I could tell, I feel that in this intense period we deepened our relationship more!


Everyone’s sun 🌞
I think we were able to make it to the day of the show because of Matsuri-chan, who was always thinking about the group!

She also taught me a lot of detailed choreography, I really can’t thank her enough.

Throughout this live, I’ve had so much support from the fans, the members, the managers, the dancers, and the staff

A thank you won’t be enough

It has to be said ten billion times!!!

Truly thank you very much πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ


The first lightstick color in my life 🐟🌻

Yellow x Pastel Blue

When I found it in the venue, I felt like finding a four-leaf clover! It made me truly happy πŸ€ Thank you.

Thank you very much for writing until the end

W-KEYAKI FES is about to begin
I will give it my best 🌞

Let’s make the already hot Summer

even hotter together~~~!

Onuma Akiho 🐟

You were caught in a 21cm swamp

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