Before Shinzanmono (2023.11.01)

Hello. It’s Yuuzu


November starts from today, isn’t it? How are you all doing? 🍂




Maybe it’s because I told the members that I feel lonely when it gets colder, they’ve been hugging me a ton and it makes me super duper cheerful.

It’s an autumn with no hint of loneliness. I am spending lively days





Is there anyone who is weak against cold like me?


I will be sending you power so leave it to me 💪












Well then, now that it’s November, Shinzanmono will be starting, but before that I want to upload pictures that I took with my seniors and so I’m writing this blog.












(This picture made it look like I’m being pretentious by putting my arm around her shoulder, but it’s not like that! It’s a misunderstanding! I’m merely giving out peace from around her back)



When I was taking a selfie, Yui-san jumped into the frame while saying, “Let me in~”


Yui-san always laughs. Every time we talk! She’s so funny. I love her expression when she’s laughing loudly.

And she is always broad-minded, chill, and helpful.






She is a senior who has been watching us closely and has always stayed by 3rd gen side ever since we entered the group. She reaches us to us a lot and gives us countless kind words. She is overflowing with much kindness.






Our first conversation was, “I’m so nervous I can’t bring myself to talk to you”. Then she held my arm and said, “I’m so happy to have someone on my age~”. Now whenever we met, we would go “Waa~” as we approached one another ^_^ It’s funny, isn’t it?





These were the seniors who took pictures with me that day☺




This day was the public recording day of NHK Miyazaki’s “Miyazaki Nostalgic Concert”!


I was very happy to be able to go to Miyazaki. It was so much fun. Thank you very much ^_^
















Kira-san, it’s a picture from a while ago

She’s a senior who would always talk to me every day. She would go, “Yuuuzuuuuuuu~”


I think I’ve been laughing a lot and feeling fine now because Kira-san is by my side. She tells me every day that I am doing my best, that I am doing great, and that I should take a rest.


The other day, after work, she gave me my favorite sweets 🥹

And recently, we went to have lunch together 🥹 Thank you very much, as always!














Carrying the kindness of our seniors and all the buddies who always give their full support in our hearts, we 3rd gen members will give it our all for Shinzanmono!







Well then, I’ll wrap the blog here today.












I wish you nothing but good things 🌻



See ya




From Yuuzu

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