Black & White (2022.02.24)

Good afternoon.


Yesterday, from the morning I was in “Love it!”, and then in the evening, in the “TV Tokyo Music Festival”. Thank you! ‪‪☺︎


During “Love it!”, I had the opportunity to play with the white rabbit Elizabeth-chan. 🐇🤍


It got on top of my lap, and its dropping ears were extremely cute, it was so fluffy and warm, I was tremendously healed. (; 😉


My love for this rabbit has awakened…


And also, I was introduced to my parent’s pet dogs, Roi and Mugi. 🐶


My family often sends me pictures and videos of them, it makes me feel healed every day. I want to meet them… (´._.`)


Black & White (2022.02.24)


For those who were able to watch the card game ranking location shoot video, thank you very much. 🏡


Everyone else too, please enjoy the different card games.



And after that, it was TV Tokyo Music Festival!


We had the opportunity to be the first act performing. 🌸

Nanana sensei!


We performed “Nagaredama”.


And this was our first participation in a TV music program in 2022. ☺︎


After a long time, I experienced that sense of tension again. I’m grateful!


This is the costume I like very much. 🌹🖤


I’m happy I was able to wear it again.


Thank you so much to those who were supporting me in front of the TV during the day. ☺︎



And then, today at 20:00, in the Sakurazaka46 Message App, I will send a video I filmed throughout the day while I was constantly on the move #Vhonotalk 💪🏻


[Whole day coverage ❣️]

Live broadcast of various things during a working day. 🐇💫


If you’d like, please come and take a look.


See you!


Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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