Blooming (2024.06.04)

Flower (2024.06.04)


The official group photo of our 9th single “Jigoujitoku”

has been revealed. 🌸



Did you watch the teaser video as well?



I really like the setting, it’s so cool.



I wish you could see it sooner.



There’s a lot to look forward to.

The title song is called “Jigoujitoku”


On Wednesday June 5th,

the music video will be released 💻



I hope you can watch and listen to it very soon.


Don’t miss it~!!!




Also on the 5th at midnight,

a little bit ahead of the MV release,

“Jigoujitoku” will be available in music subscription services 🎧🤳


So starting tonight…!

You can listen to it and wait for the MV. It will be exciting~. Hehe



After the pre-release begins in the music subscription services,

There will be also a LINE MUSIC gift campaign!

Please don’t miss it.






My own make-up routine has been posted

in the VOCE official YouTube channel!


I was very nervous during the shooting! ( °_° )



There were a lot of professionals

and also, people who are more knowledgeable

and skilled in make-up…


So I was very worried

if everything would be okay~~~ 🥺



I do have quite a bit of cosmetics and

minor things that I like very much which

I’ve discovered through my daily work, so


It would make me happy if you look at it with kind eyes

when you’re like “Oh! So that’s the kind of thing Tamura likes” (´・_・`)




There’s lots of steps and cosmetics in the process,

so I’m sorry if it’s a pain 🤧!!!!

I’m very aware of that!!!! LOL



Outside of work, I’m a bit sloppy,

therefore, there’s a lot of things I skip,

but since I was little, I’ve loved cute cosmetics

so, please enjoy watching it

while thinking I’m having a little bit of fun…🤥💓LOL



Thanks a lot for your support




I’ll write again


See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono




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