Cloud (2023.04.17)



Cloud (2023.04.17)



I received these during the Tokyo performances.




Thank you so much for
coming up with so many wonderful gifts
and for sending them to me.



However, everyone,
please don’t overdo it… 🥲🙇



I’m already very grateful to all of you
for coming all the way to our concerts,
and for supporting us even it’s from afar. 




It made me soooo~ happy to receive the thoughts
from those who sent the flowers. I’m so lucky.

Thank you so much as always.

I will also do my best
so that I can reciprocate~!!!






We will have the Aichi performance on the day after tomorrow. 🐓

I’m looking forward to meet the Buddies~!!!

Thank you very much.



All the days of Meet & Greet sessions for
the 5th single “Sakurazuki” have finished.


I had so much fun~! 😌




Let’s talk again 🌷




I will write again.



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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