Cloudy Sky (2022.05.01)

Good evening




Today was JAPAN JAM 2022 🎤


Thank you very much.



Cloudy Sky (2022.05.01)


There were a lot of people
who came to watch the Sakurazaka’s stage,
that made me extremely happy.




I was also able to recognize a lot of Buddies!


I saw towels and uchiwa fans.
Thank you (^.^)




I thought it was considerably cold,
so when you get home, please make sure to warm yourself up…


Thanks to everyone, it was fun~


I will continue to do my best,
so we can get the opportunity to appear on this stage again ☺︎








Tonight on Sunday May 1st, from 9:55
I will have the opportunity to make an appearance in


the TV Asahi’s variety show “Cream Nantara” 🔮


In continuation from last time,
I was able to participate to oversee the hidden camera surprise project.


I’m happy for having the opportunity to appear
in this show week after week ( .. )
Thank you very much.

I guess that today’s broadcast will really be the last time
I’ll get to see the 3rd single’s uniform, huh?


I really liked it a lot.
It made me happy each time I wore it.



Please make sure to watch “Cream Nantara” by all means ☺️





Later tonight it’s “SokoSaku” as well. Please watch it too (^.^)


This is the offshoot from Ray magazine
that I had not been able to post yet. 📸


It’s now on sale ~ please get it by all means!







I will do my best in the Girls Awards…
If it’s okay with you, please come to support us ( .. )




See you!
Sakuraza46 Tamura Hono

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