CM (2022.06.13)

Good evening


I made an appearance
on AEON Card’s new commercial.


CM (2022.06.13)


The outfits are very cute…
Even the feeling of the fabric,
It was wonderful, I really liked it…


It made me happy~
Thank you 😌





Please check it out by all means!





The audition for new Sakurazaka46 members
has started.



The audition commercial
has been released.






I like idols,
I like the group,
and just because of that,
I jumped into this world.




I’ve been thinking it would be nice
and it would make me very happy if there are
people who feel the same way as I did back then,
people who like and admire Sakurazaka46.





the reason for applying for the audition
is something that is truly different for each person


There might also be people who honestly
don’t know much about idols or groups,


I would like to meet
those kinds of people too.




I would like you to face yourself,
and make a decision based on your own will.






I think it is a big step
that requires a lot of courage.




Whether you decide to apply for the audition or not,
I don’t think anyone will be wrong with the decision they make on their own.




Regardless of the result,
your action will lead to something,
and I would be happy if it leads to something good.




“Everyone can bloom”


Application period
From Monday June 6, 2022 at noon ~
Until Monday July 4  at 17:00


Method to apply: Web Application



All of us will be waiting 🌸










Tomorrow June 14th from 19:30


On the official Youtube Channel of BS-TBS
Women’s Volleyball Nation League 2022
“Japan VS Poland”



I will talk on the live broadcast
with former national player, Kimura Saori-san
while watching the game 🏐



The official Youtube channel is here ↓




Please take a look ‪‪☺︎




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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