Debut (2020.12.13)

Good Afternoon🌸

The Debut Countdown Live of Sakurazaka46 was held.

Thank you to everyone who watched the live viewing at movie theaters across the country!

It was the same for Keyakizaka, the International Forum!

When I entered the venue, it reminded me of Keyakizaka’s Debut Countdown Live 💭

It was broadcasted live at that time as well.

I still have a recording of the live broadcast, and I watch it again from time to time.

At this concert, we performed seven songs from the first single, as well as “Sakurazaka no Uta,” a song that was newly written by Akimoto-sensei for the sake of the concert, for the first time!

I would be happy if you could sing along with the “Wow Oh Wow Oh Oh Oh” part of “Sakura no Uta” when we perform it in the future!

For the first time before the concert, we had a new group huddle! It became like this!

“Always in a sweet and bold way!

Bloom in full glory like the cherry blossom!

Just Trust Yourself!

Bloom! (1ki)
Bloom! (2ki)
Sakurazaka! 46~!
✋🏻 Full Bloom ✋🏻”

The pose for “We are Sakurazaka46!” has also been decided 🌸

The OVERTURE before the concert is also new!

Everything is new, and it feels like a new start all over again!

Also, with the debut date of December 9th, the first single was released!

The first time I saw performances of coupling songs other than “Buddies” and “Hanshin Hangi”, in which I participated, was in the concert rehearsals. I thought every song was different and I loved them all!

I especially like “Naze Koishite Konakattan darou?” and listen to it every day.

In particular, I like the B melody♡

Once again, thank you for your continued support 🌸

Marino, who always convey so much love to me♡

I’m so happy to hear so many nice things from you every day…!

Rei-chan, who said “It’s an angel’s wings” and did it with her hands.

Ten-chan, who looks great in a ponytail♡

Thank you to everyone who applied for the online Meet & Greet for the first single, which starts tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to it!

I’ll be in your care.

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