Dreams Odakura Reina (2023.09.12)


Today is Tuesday, isn’t it? Thank you for your hard work.
Did you sleep well?




I used to often have this recurring dream when I was a child


The bright blue sky and someone reaching out for me
I laid on my back, sinking into something
My dreams always end as I give up on something

When I heard that “being an adult means learning to dull your sense of pain”,
I suddenly remembered my dreams


I don’t want to be an adult

The person reaching out that time
might have been me myself



I’m 19 years old Odakura Reina
from Tokyo.



There are dreams that you always remember, right?



I ate sweet potato ice cream before going to bed
It was delicious

Also, I got bitten by mosquitos
Six places in one day… It’s a grave situation.





Wonder whose hand is this? Grin grin





I went to see the group’s history from one end to the other.
It was very interesting.

And I was able to write the “せ” character next to Inoue-san and Ozono-san.

Please try to find it~


I ate crepes at the cafe!

They were delicious~



I’m so happy since I wanted ガーガー (Quack Quack) 🐦

パッチ (Pacchi) is cute too



Miu, who was seated next to me, tried to look cool and ordered cola even though she couldn’t drink it.


so she said as she drank it. Cute.



On the car ride home, we talked about which 3rd generation member would look cool if they cross-dressed as a man,

We ended up deciding, “Seems like everyone could pull it off…”,

And since there were a lot of people naming Rika as the one they wanted to play the girlfriend role as, in the end, we decided to all cross-dress and make Rika go head over heels.


I hope we can do it one day lol




Thank you very much
for meet & greet!
It has become the best memories of this summer.

I was in the same lane with Mio, and it was very fun to be able to meet with Mio’s fans~
Thank you very much!



Thank you very much
for the signing event!
I can talk with you longer than usual in signing events
so I also really enjoyed when I was writing [on the board].

I’m always smiling as I move my pen around, wondering if it will make you happy.

I wonder if it arrived at your place already~



Well then,

The 6th single period was a time when I was able to touch many of your thoughts and feelings at all of the live performances, meet & greets, autograph sessions, and letters that you sent.

It was also the time when I rolled up my sleeves and was like,
“I received so much love, I gotta work even harder!”.

Thank you very much as always.
I love you as well. I’d like to do my best from now on.


I’d be happy if we could meet again during the 7th single period ˊᵕˋ






Q&A Corner

Q. Do you watch movies? What kind of popcorn do you like?

A. I watch a lot of movies, I go to the cinema by myself or watch movies that I’m interested in on streaming sites.

I like caramel popcorn
so I always get it when going to the cinema ✊


Q. How do I become closer to you?

Please tell me what you like

My memory is the only thing I have confidence in
so we’ll get to know each other even better!


Q. How do you prepare for a cold winter?

A. When I feel cold,
I say “Wow~ It’s so hot~ Unbelievably so hot~”.
It has not been effective.


Q. What cosmetics do you usually use?

I leave everything to make-up artists except for the lipstick, so I’d like to introduce my lipsticks.

I use

KATE Lip Monster 06
Ririmew Sensual Fix Tint 07*.
[T/N: Btw apparently this series is produced by Sashihara Rino]


Q. What kind of scents do you like?

A. My brother bought me Diptyque’s Do son, and it smells really nice, doesn’t it?


Q. What do you do when you need to calm your mind?

A. I go to the beach alone.
I take pictures, just space out without thinking of anything
Then I head home when I’ve calmed down.





I’m watching you




When I was looking for a picture to post, I found many kinds of pictures

Pictures of Airi doing funny faces
Pictures of Mio playing a game
Pictures of Nagi really enjoying something she was eating
Pictures of Riko’s weird sleeping position
Pictures of Miu who tends to look away from the camera
Pictures of Rika’s azato cuteness      [t/n: like calculatingly cute, as in intentionally acting cute] Pictures of Yuuzu doing weird poses with a straight face
Pictures of Yu’s serious-looking profile
Pictures of Itoha’s cat-like smile
Pictures of Shii turning back with a pose and striking a peace sign


A little while ago, Miu made a video of 3rd generation members’ history, and I rewatch it a lot.

My heart tightens a little at the brightness of these days,
which were filled with anxiety but were fun.

But it feels like that dazzling light will continue to connect the 11 of us together.

In this second year since meeting the 3rd generation members,
I hope that we can grow stronger so that we can love each other’s weaknesses and complement each other.



Please continue to take care of me!






I’ll wrap things up here.

I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫
This was Odakura Reina!



Tomorrow is Nagi’s

I was surprised when I ran into her at the station the day before yesterday



See ya!



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