Filter (2023.02.17)

Good evening


This has been published in the “MORE” magazine

that is now on sale 🧳




It’d make me happy to hear impressions about it

from the Buddies too ☺︎


Thank you.






And then, I know I am

extremely late on this but,


I wasn’t able to post the photos from GirlsAward, so…



Filter (2023.02.17)




Wearing my favorite beret hat

I was in high spirits 🐒♡










Showing off

my yellow nails. 🌼






Even the small accessories had strong presence,

everything was so cute~









Thank you so much.










The Sakurazaka46’s original effect

「sakurazaka46filter」is now available

in TikTok!



I tried filming with it together with Hii-chan 🤳




The color of the filter is pinkish,

and cherry blossom’s petals

dance in response to

your hands’ movement..


It’s extremely cute 🌸





I hope everyone can use this filter too


Please post using the following hashtags








For Buddies and for people who don’t know about Sakurazaka as well,

it will make me happy if everyone can play a lot with it~


Try making the cherry blossom’s petals fall in different places ☺︎



I’ll be looking forward to your videos!






I will write again~




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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