Fukuoka (2021.09.19)


Good afternoon!



The first national tour since we became Sakurazaka46 has started〜


The first stop is Fukuoka!

Thank you very much to those who came to the venue.


I was happy to see a lot of towels and uchiwas



On the plane to Fukuoka, Miichan was in the seat next to me. We were watching the screen footage of the outside plane camera and took a video together saying, “Wow look~ we are actually moving right on top of the white line!”, but then we got scared of take-off and held each other’s hands.  (lol)



I remember from 2 years ago on the plane, Miichan was 2 seats down from me, and then we both held hands with the member in between us. 💭



Kira-chan was in the seat beside me in the dressing room!

While doing make-up, it was embarrassing how she always watches me, but it was also fun chatting with her the whole time.



I took an overhead shot of Kira-chan, who is sitting on me! Cute!







Looking back at the picture we took together, Kira-chan was there too…! (lol)

We played a game where the three of us weren’t supposed to laugh, but we laughed right away…



I’d like to visit Rei-chan’s Kagoshima and Matsuri-chan’s Miyazaki〜!



Aichi concert is starting from today🌸

Take care on your way to the venue〜



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