Full speed (2021.11.04)



Sakurazaka46 1st TOUR 2021


has ended with

the end of Saitama Super Arena.


Starting from September,

striding over the release of 3rd single,

I am relived that we are all

able to safely finish it

like this.


To be able to go

where the Buddies are,

to have you come to see us,

I was sincerely happy.


Illuminating with beautiful light sticks,

you showed me unforgettable scenery,

a scenery I don’t want to forget

truly, thank you very much.



will continue to do our best.


We look forward to your continuous support. 🌸





Well then,

I’m going to upload pictures!







Thank you very much.




And then…




On 9th, 10th December 2021

in Nippon Budokan,

it has been decided that『 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE 』

will be held!!! 🎂


I am truly happy

that it could be held on our birthday.


Although since it’s on weekdays,

some people might find it difficult to attend to …😖


By all means,

let us celebrate

the 1st birthday that can only happen once

together with Buddies and Sakurazaka46 🎉


This anniversary live

will be the last show

that we will do with Moriya-san and Rika-san.


Taking good care of it …






I’ll write again.



See ya!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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