Golf and Shinzanmono! (2023.11.09)

Thank you very much for your hard work again today.







May the beginning of your diary not be a pessimistic view of the oblivion,

but little love for your everyday life



I’m Odakura Reina


I wish we can cherish and embrace every day








In “Sakurazaka Channel” YouTube


I went to practice golf with Moriya Rena-san!


It was so much fun ˊᵕˋ



And I’m able to call her with “Renaa-san” now!


I’m very happy because I have been thinking of asking her permission for it for a long time~



My face was so stiff, perhaps because Renaa-san was so cute she made me nervous



By all means, please give it a look~










Thank you very much for the performances on 6th, 8th, and 9th November.

It was very much fun.


I’d be happy if it could be a concert that makes you feel how much you love the 3rd gen members!


I hurt my back before the performances and was unable to deliver several songs to everyone.


It makes me feel really, really frustrated.

I am truly sorry to everyone who has been looking forward to seeing my performance.


I plan to gradually join everyone as I recover from my injury. I will do my best, so I hope you will continue to watch over me.


Thank you very much.



To everyone who came to watch,

Please take a good rest once you got home.



I will continue to practice hard so that I can show you how much I have grown in the remaining seven performances as well!


I will be posting pictures on my blog again 📸









#おだくらさんの日記 (Odakura-san’s Diary)




Habu-san’s first photobook “Destination”

was released on 7th November, wasn’t it~!

The book is so packed with Habu-san’s charm, it was such a wonderful book たˊᵕˋ





I will update again soon!

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