Good evening (2023.11.04)





The curtain for Shinzanmono has finally risen






First up is
Hinatazaka46’s 4th generation-san





When the 3rd gens came to watch their dress rehearsal
They hyped us up like
“Sakurazaka 3rd gen-san, make some noiseーー”

It was really wonderful
Thank you very much






Sakurazaka 3rd gen’s show
Will start on the 6th

The atmosphere of the 3rd gen members
Please enjoy it to your heart’s content!
I’ll be waiting at the venue





The other day
The staff told me,
That all my meet & greet slots have been sold out



I feel really happy that you want to meet me
Thank you very much…





During meet & greet,
Don’t you think that the time went by freely and warmly?


We’d have comfortable conversations like
“What did you eat this morningー?”
Or you introducing your pet dog
It’s so fun and relaxing



I’ll be waiting for everyone
While preparing various things to make you smile




The thing that we’ve all waited for
Our mobame will start soon!




So happy
What I will post there is a secret




I’m thinking of
Posting various kinds of Murayama
And also various members

I think I will send a lot of stuff freely like usual







Well then, let’s meet at Shinzanmono
Good night

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