Good morning! (2023.10.22)




Good morning ☀


This is Yuuzu.







Thank you for “AWA LOUNGE” yesterday 💖


Thank you for the many comments and song requests for everyone who participated!

I really felt that I was doing it together with everyone, it was so fun~

I did it together with Rei-san and Kira-san, who I often talk to, and the one hour just went by in the blink of an eye while having fun together…!

I also enjoyed reading everyone’s comments such as ones that pointed out the parts of the songs and performances that you like, and ones that tell us when you listen to the songs~


I also said this in the chat, but I’d really like to do that every day! Lol


Today I also started my day by listening to the “Shoninyokkyu” Special Edition single on shuffle~.








And, I appeared on the MUSIC STATION 2hr SP the day before yesterday 💫



(Airi’s hand)



We did a special performance of the full version of our new song, “Shoninyokkyu”.


We were able to show everyone this performance by borrowing the help of the many staff!
I’m really grateful.


I realized once again how fun it is to participate in the production of something exciting.


I’ll do my best in order to deliver excitement to everyone from now on as well ☺︎









Lastly, an announcement

I will appear on “Utacon”
Which will be broadcasted on October 24th (Tuesday) at 19:57~

Be sure to watch!











Well then!!!


We have the online meet & greet today 🎵
I wonder what kind of Yuuzu will be waiting! Hehe


Look forward to it ♡






See you later 🐦










Kyaー I’m so excited




May today be a good day as well 🌻


See you


From Yuuzu

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