Happy (2022.11.07)

Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱  







November has arrived~


It has been getting even colder again these days, 

so be careful of colds.



Let’s do our best this month as well^ ^









Weekly Shonen Magazine had been published on November 2 (Wed)!



And to my surprise…



I got to chat with Mashima Hiro-san,

the author of the current serialized manga “EDENS ZERO”!



It was just so unbelievably amazing, 

I was surprised when I first heard about it.



I have always loved Mishima-sensei’s works since I was young,

And the first manga I read was “FAIRY TAIL”


It was also the work that introduced me 

to the wonder and charm of manga,

I never thought about the day I would have the opportunity 

to talk with Mishima-sensei would come.


Thank you very much for your time!!




It was a dream come true^ ^




We chatted about many things, 

and I talked a lot about Freed, one of my 

favorite characters in “FAIRY TAIL”!⚡️



I’ve spoken to many people about Freed in the past, 

but it was a pleasure to speak directly to Mishima-sensei!



Mishima-sensei was also surprised,

I was happy to hear a lot of things about Freed~ 





I also mentioned that 

the choreography for one of Sakurazaka’s songs 

includes Gray’s “Ice-Make”



Has anyone noticed this?



By all means, please look for it❄️




There will be a giveaway for

A collaborative autograph card and manga volume too🐾


I also want it…! Lol 








I spent the entire tour reading EDENS ZERO!


My dream is to be friends with Shiki~✊🏻Lol



I look forward to seeing more developments in the future!



I highly suggest you read Mishima-sensei’s work if you haven’t read them yet.  

It’s all very interesting!




And on the cover was Sugai-san!



Sugai-san’s smile was soothing~



It was a pleasure to work with her this way

For her last gravure before graduation^ ^



By all means, please check it out! 
















I’m going to change the topic… 



Sakurazaka46 appeared on

MTV VMAJ 2022 Awards and

MTV VMAJ 2022 -THE LIVE- the other day!



Once again, I am very honored to receive 

this wonderful award of “Group of the Year.



Thank you very much🌸





I styled my hair straight and it happened we had the same~


















And tomorrow is finally…



The Tokyo concert of the 

2nd TOUR 2022″As you know?” 



This will be the last time 

I will be able to perform a concert with Sugai-san.


I’ll treasure this moment^ ^



I hope the venue will be filled with happiness~



I look forward to seeing you all 

over the next two days. 


I’m waiting!










Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end! 






The end🌱

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