#60 Place of dreams (2022.11.10)

Thank you very much for opening this blog.



I’m 23 years old Endo Hikari from Kanagawa.






Sugai Yuuka-san graduated yesterday, at Sakurazaka46’s 2nd TOUR 2022’s “As you know?” Tokyo Dome performance.


Yuuka-san has a truly beautiful heart.


On the gentle and warm day of her graduation, I was able to remember and share many things, and once again felt that I had a wonderful time.


Yuuka-san, thank you very much for all the happiness and love you have given me.



I cried so much, so it’s just my profile 🥲






Because I had the feeling of wanting to meet Yuuka-san in person, to talk with her, and to send her off together with the Buddies and the members, I rushed to Tokyo Dome the day yesterday and the day before, and stood on the stage for those two days.


The truth is that I wanted to spend more time dancing together with Yuuka-san and the members in this tour.


As I said to myself that what I need right now is the time to rest, I strongly restrained myself so that my desire to perform doesn’t get ahead of me, and spent the hiatus period praying so that the tour can run safely.


I’m still on hiatus, and the time of my return is still unknown, but I stood on the stage because I want to reassure everyone even for just a little, such as, “I’m going to do my best until my time of return, so rest assured!” or “Don’t worry, I’m alive!”


I was so grateful to stand on stage, surrounded by the kind atmosphere of the venue, and the gratitude from having a place to be and your support touched my heart.

Thank you very much.


The next time we meet, I will be standing on the stage as a different Endo Hikari.

I hope that you can continue to watch over me until then.






Pictures from Tokyo Dome performances.

This is the only performance where I can take pictures with the members, so I took a lot 📷




My master, Habu-chan

I love you~

I’ll be a junior you can rely on!


Matsuda Capt, congratulations for your appointment 🎉

Let’s work hard together with everyone.


Thank you for saying “I always love Hikarin more than you imagine”.

Me tooo~!


Bestie 🫶

Even during my hiatus, we still meet a lot, so I didn’t feel lonely 🌱

Thank you as always.

Your half-twin look is so cute


Marinon, you can stay like this forever~

My cute little sister 🍼


Kirako, thank you for always making me laugh.


Run-chan’s Dead end was so cool~ ✨


Ten, thank you for always being on my side.

I’m sorry for calling you “Bis sis (Onee-chan)” even though I’m older than you 🌱

I also want to support Ten!


On a personal note, I cut my hair 💇🏼‍♀️

What do you think?





I made something for Yuuka-san’s graduation. I’m thinking of uploading the video I edited at around 8 PM.

By all means, please give it a look~



I pray that my beloved Yuuka-san will always be full of happiness. 🌱






Thank you very much for reading my blog again today☺︎


I’d be happy if you could read the next blog as well.


Well then 👋

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