Comfort (2022.11.12)


As I was being selfish

many memories flooded over me


That’s why it’s difficult to choose one

And while I could pick the words to say

but the truth is that I can’t seem to get it out


For about 7 years

you warmly held everyone’s hands

at any time, be it happy or painful moments


A gentle heart that tightly hugs one with your whole body

How you have always unchangingly given your all at everything since the beginning

How there is an energy in your every word

it has saved me numerous times.


You have always given your all to protect the group

I can’t thank you enough


As genmates, we have grown into adults together, haven’t we?


Now, even the trivial chat we had on our way home

has become an irreplaceable treasure for the two of us


And the reason I could trust myself

and stand back up

was because of Yuuka’s important words


To be honest,

we just parted so… I miss you.


But graduation is a new start,

so I’d like to continue to protect

the “precious things”

that Sakurazaka46’s Sugai Yuuka has left in the group.


You are not Japchae the vegetable dish

but you were a great captain


Truly, thank you very much for your hard work of 7 years and ~2 months

I love Yuuka, who continues to remain in everyone’s hearts

I hope that you may have wonderful days ahead ♡



Truly, thank you very much

to everyone who came to the venue,

to everyone who has watched the stream,

of 2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?”



Two years have passed since we changed our name to Sakurazaka46,

and as the 3rd generation members

are about to join us,

I feel that we are about to start anew again.

I hope that you can look forward

the story of the group from now on.




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