Have you ever played a game where you see how much you have to close the refrigerator door until the light disappears? (2021.01.30)

Hello everyone,


I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation­čî▒


“Storytellers:Sakurazaka46” will be airing tomorrow on MTV and Sky Perfect! On Demand!


It makes me very happy to receive such an opportunity!


Thank you very much..!


The setlist is comprised of the 7 songs that released with our 1st single and “Sakurazaka no Uta”, for a total of 8 songs.


Each song has their own fantastic LED video and lighting, so please pay attention to those too..



Also, for a limited time only, the full size version of the “Nobody’s fault” performance from Storytellers is available on YouTube!


There’s rarely the opportunity to be able to see the full size version of performances, so please do take this chance to see it..!


Available until February 28th!


In addition, all 26 members each have their own individual interview for the broadcast.


We talked about a lot of things, such as the group and our songs, things about us members, etc., so please watch that too..!


Check this link for more details!


I’ll be changing the conversation,


Thank you very much to those of you who came to the meet and greet a few days ago!


That was the final meet and greet for our 1st single~


It’s really fun to be able to talk to so many people.


It would make me glad if you all had a great time too.


I’m hoping the day comes where I can convey my feelings of gratitude to all of you in person.


There still is the opportunity to talk at the individual talks and online signing, but this is the last in terms of meet and greet, so…


Thank you very much!!! ^ ^



Together with Flygon~..



For the 6th part of the 2nd day, I wore glasses~


Also, for the first time in a while I curled my hair inwards!


Moving on, we appeared on “Utacon” a few days ago!


Thank you very much to those of you who tuned in to watch us!


This time, we had live music accompanying us for our performance of “Nobody’s fault”!­čÄŞ


It made me really happy!


Thank you very much!
Also, for this day, I did up my bangs~


It was quite fresh!


Well then, that’s all for today…


Thank you very much for reading until the very end!
The end­čî▒


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