Heart (2021.02.16)


Good evening~









I will appear on『Aitsu wa ima nanishiteru?』
airing 18:45~ on 17 February~!

*English title “What do you do now?”, it’s a documentary-variety show where the guest investigates in what their old classmate from their school times are doing nowadays


It is overflowing with Fukuzawa-san’s wonderful personality.
I thought that I myself want to be a person that can do considerate actions at any time.. 💡


Please watch it~






The YVAN chocolate that my mom bought for me is delicious and I’m eating it little by little.🤍





I’m a person who loves chocolate,
so while I watched Tanaka Minami-san talk about chocolate on Sashihara-san’s Youtube,
there were lots of chocolates that I wanted to eat. lol


I wanted to go to Salon du Chocolat 😭😭😭
*A yearly trade fair for the international chocolate industry, it has previously been held in Tokyo


However, the amount of knowledge is too great,
I can’t fit it in my head…! lol



Won’t it be next year already~
I’m already missing Valentines, lol




The taste, the appearance, even the boxes of chocolate,
they’re so stylish and imaginative that my heart is pounding with excitement ♪ Ufufu 🥰








See you~




I hugged him!
*She’s saying “gyu” which is onomatopoeia for tightly squeezing something, so a literal translation would be “I squeezed him”





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