Hello (2021.03.03)


Thank you very much for opening the blog


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira
Please treat me well



It turned to March πŸ‘πŸ


It’s slowly getting warmer, isn’t it?


I heard that the pollen this year is amazing,
How are you guys doing??


Don’t scratch your eyes too hard~





We were able to perform on 28th February’s
TGC Artist Stage




She took our picture


The only person
I can entrust my phone case with






I have always longed this costume,


So I was happy to be able to wear itγ€œ






On Sokosaku the other day,
I was nominated (by her) as “The member I don’t want to have a girlfriend” 😳


Between the takes she apologized to me,


But I am happy instead, as she think of me and write my name with my face in her mind


She may not be able to handle me now

But I will always wait

Until the day she can





The formation for 2nd single
has been announced


In this work
I will be participating in song(s) centered by Yamasaki Ten-san!


There are reassuring seniors on both my sides,
And there are a lot of genmates I can exchange my opinions with


While learning a lot,
I want to create a good work!




“BAN” will be released on 14th April
We’ll be in your care!



Meguri will also be held


The first application round starts today



Let’s chat, let’s chat πŸ—£πŸ’¬







When I’m asking Onuma-san if I can use this picture




Even though she’s nearby, I didn’t ask her directly


[Can I use it?]


When I sent this


She sent this back 🀑




Thank you very much for reading until the end


Masumoto Kira (Kirako)


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