I long to be a bird (2024.02.28)







Good evening, it’s Yuuzu

I’m doing well!


How have you been doing?

As the seasons are changing, don’t forget to take care of yourself 😌







I find myself grinning unconsciously whenever I find magazines with the third gens on them around town.


The other day when I was at the beauty salon, I got handed a magazine which featured three people I know very well, and that made me chuckle.

It suddenly makes me wanna see them~,
Though I met them yesterday and I will meet them tomorrow too lol






Well then, I have two good news today ☁️




I’m featured in the “BLT April issue” magazine which is released today. Thank you very much.



I was really happy for the whole shoot

The photos had a cool vibe, maybe it’s a little unusual for me? But personally, I’m really happy with the result

It was my first time to be able to take pictures so freely in various places, it was so fun



When I was shooting on the riverbed, a pigeon came to me, that made me really happyー🐦


There was a time when I seriously believed that I could talk with animals
Even now, I believe we can communicate through our hearts







I’m featured in the “Platinum FLASH” magazine which is also released today. Thank you very much.



This shoot also felt fresh to me!


I feel like I never stopped smiling that day

During the shoot at the park,
I could hear the sounds of little kids brought by the wind, it felt comforting

The dogs taking a walk were also cute~

It felt peaceful like I was really having a day off


For the interview
I feel like I managed to talk while staying true to myself






“BLT April issue”
“Platinum FLASH”
Both of them are on sale today 📚


I think you could see the completely different sides of me

The duality of myself, which I was vaguely aware of
I felt like I was able to accept that both sides are part of myself,, or like, when I looked at the pictures, I felt like both of the concepts were very “me”
Through these shoots, I was able to think about various things more casually



The photos turned out wonderful because I was surrounded by the warm-hearted staff members, so be sure to check it out

Thank you!







In three days, the first day of the national tour will finally be held in Fukuoka 🌸


I’m nervous and excited.
Ahh, just by thinking about it, I already can’t wait, ahh

I hope I’ll be able to calm myself down somehow for the first concert

Ahh, I can’t wait!!!!!



Eーveryoneー, let’s have fun together









By the way,
I read the “BRODY” April issue, which was a Sakurazaka46 special edition.
In the interviews, some people mentioned my name, and I’m really really thankful for those words.


I didn’t think that they thought of me that way…
I was really surprised, I read it over and over
[T/N: Hannya’s Kanada Satoshi praised her saying that her Sokosaku ball-catch clip was funny, her performance is cool, and she’s good at dancing. Honda Tetsuya (Borderless & Actress writer) also praised her, saying that she has the most charming aura]


That really gave me a lot of emotional support. Thank you very much.




I still have a lot of off-shot videos, so I’ll send them through mobame ☺︎





Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻



See you, good night



From Yuuzu

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