I put a large quantity of vinegar in my cold noodles. (2021.04.23)




Good evening



How was Miracle 9 that aired the day before yesterday?


At the very last moment, a completely unforeseen miracle occured〜✌︎
And thus, my first victory🤍


The pudding and the tuna were both very delicious!





And then next time, airing on 5 May
Cream Quiz Miracle 9 2 Hour Special,
I will appear again!


In succession…..✨✨


Please look forward to it〜👧🌸



I’m featured in
『The NEW ERA Book Spring & Summer 2021<SHINKO・MUSIC・MOOK』
on sale 21 April〜!





Please check this out too. !



During the day of the shoot it was still cold,
So while saying “I want to go skiing”
I wore a fluffy hat and frolicked around🎶







I’m featured in UP TO BOY vol.302
on sale 23 April~!


Hikaru-chan is on the cover🌟



I got to wear 4 different outfits,
and I think you can see various “me”
So please check it out!


Please read the interview too.
It was about 3 years? since last time so it seems like I could talk about a lot. !







That was a lot of notifications!📢

Please have a look at it〜✨





The pudding I got from Miracle 9🍮
I wanna eat it again〜〜〜😶😶😶😶😶



I’ll do my best. !





See you~








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