I think the softest in the mochi world (2022.10.27)

I think the softest in the mochi world is

Kagoshima’s specialty, Jambo mochi


When writing Jambo mochi

You can read it as Jambo mochi or Jumbo mochi…




The size is not jumbo at all…

Then why is it called Jambo mochi?!


I hope you will watch the “Himitsu no Kenmin Show” tonight!

It starts at 21:00✨







Soft, jumbo deliciousness*

For those who are curious, I hope you’ll give it a try!





⚾️ Professional Baseball App Game

“eBASEBALL Pro Spirits A League 2022 Season”

Nogizaka46, Hinatazaka46, and Sakurazaka46 have been appointed as special supporters ✨



Tomorrow, October 28 (Friday), from 20:30

I will appear with Koike Minami-san on the eBaSEBALL Pro Spirits A League 2022 Season Opening Commemorative Livestream!


It will be streamed on YouTube〜

We hope you will check out the official Pro Spirits channel*





I’m new to baseball…

So I would like to learn more about baseball along with the players trained in the app!

I want those who play the app to teach me a bunch of things💌







I’ll write again soon~*

Ozono Rei

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