I want to go to a field full of nemophila (2021.04.18)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱




For this blog update, I have a variety of announcements~



🌱I’m featured on the May issue of “ar”, on sale April 12th!


It’s volume 3 of the “Hikaru no Me” serialization!


The theme this time was “plush toys”!


I like plush toys and I collect them, so whenever I visit a zoo I make sure to always buy them..


Ah, I also bought a new one the day before yesterday~

My house is decorated with a bunch of them..


So I was given the opportunity to talk about the part of me that loves plush toys!

For the photoshoot, I was surrounded by a bunch of plush toys and it was absolute bliss ^ ^


Teddy bear!

Please do check it out!




🌱I’m featured on the April 14th edition of “Weekly Shounen Magazine”!


Kobayashi Yui-san and I are on the cover of the magazine & the opening page..!


Thank you very much!


We went to a place where the cherry blossoms were extremely beautiful~

The weather was really good too!


This is the location on the 4th page~

I was really lively. lol


Yui-san ate ramen and I ate curry!

I finished it all since it was so yummy ^ ^


This was my first time having a photoshoot done by Hosoi Koujiro-san!

We borrowed the cameras…


I snapped a picture of Yui-san..

Please look at this offshot along with the 6th page of the magazine!

You’re ought to notice something.. ^ ^



Also, back on the day when 1st single was released, I was featured on the cover page for a magazine..


Having the same thing happen for the 2nd single’s release date makes me overjoyed!

Thank you very much!



The back cover of the magazine is my beloved “Fairy Tale”!

I’m so happy~

The anime for “EDENS ZERO” has also started!

I now have something to look forward to every week ( ´`)




🌱Sunday, April 18th and 25th from 10:30~


I’ll be appearing over the span of 2 weeks on TOKYO FM/JFN38 station’s “YKK AP presents Kaito Aiko’s window café 〜café time by the window〜”!


I’ve was given the opportunity to have a casual conversation with Kaito Aiko!

She’s extremely nice, and above all, her voice is clear and lovely, it almost made me forgot that it was my turn to talk..


I was allowed to talk about various things, so it was really fun!

I hope you all have a listen too 🐈




🌱Monday, April 19th starting from 19:00~


Sakurazaka46 will be appearing on TBS’s “CDTV LIVE! LIVE! 3 Hour Special”!

Thank you very much!


It’s a live broadcast, so I’m a bit nervous, but I’ll give it my all!

Please do tune in!


The 18th is meet and greet, isn’t it!

The 2nd single’s meet and greet has finally begun, so..

Let’s all enjoy ourselves together and talk a bunch ^ ^


Well then, that’s all for today!

Thank you very much for reading until the very end!




The end🌱

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