I’ll share mine with you (2024.05.15)






Good evening! It’s Yuuzu!







All of these pics are from today
Thanks Shiizu







The title of this blog is actually something Rei-san said to me



The day where I felt down, which I wrote about in my April 7th blog

The day Matsuri-san said something wonderful to me



Rei-san also said that to me


She said these words to me with that smile she always has, while handing me something invisible with her hand, with a musical note at the end of the it



That really cheered me up,

Also, that made me thought that the feeling of liking someone could make you feel better,


I was happy


I love Rei-san!!!!!!!!!!!










Changing the topic,


My favorite song is

Tsuji Ayano-san’s “Kaze ni naru



I love the lyrics that goes like



“I’ll turn your sighs into the spring breeze”





That’s why,



When you tell me



“I forgot about my worries after talking with Yuuzu”


“I’ll do my best tomorrow after seeing Yuuzu”



I feel really happy





I hope I can stay being someone like that to you in the 9th single promotional period







The applications for the online meet & greets are ongoing now 🦭


As everyone already know, talking with Yuuzu is super fun❗️


I’ll also be waiting for newcomers~









Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻



See you


Good night



From Yuuzu

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