Important Time (2021.09.09)


Good evening.


One of the members, Kobayashi Yui, has announced her hiatus.  


I am very grateful to Yuipon who has always been in the frontline of leading the group since the Keyakizaka era. 


It’s because she have run all the way here,
I hope she will take this opportunity to rest
and enjoy her “me-time” with ease.


Above all, I want her to take care of herself
I would be happy to see her in good shape again at her own timing. 




The tour that will be starting the day after tomorrow will have 24 members that will be participating. 


I am sad that Yuipon will not be there, and
it is a big deal for the group.


The thing that we can do is
to deliver it the best way that we can right now
and give all our power to everyone that will come!


When Yuipon comes back, so that we can welcome her to an improved group,
We also will do our best in every performance.



We will do our best so that the Yuipon fans that will be coming will enjoy the live.




Please continue to support Yuipon.






Rest well! 



Sugai Yuuka



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